Featured FFAWN Member-Yvonne Bynoe

Yvonne Bynoe is an acclaimed author, speaker, attorney and the founder of SoulfulAffluence.com. Soulful Affluence is an online company that teaches visionary women entrepreneurs how to leverage their talents and skills to create profitable businesses. Yvonne is committed to helping women learn how to use their businesses to develop lives that are richer, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.

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Yvonne’s Four Pointers on Empowerment & Education

(Q.) What does “I’m Power” mean to you?

(A) “I’m Power” means that I speak my own truth.  I believe that being

able to create your best life-—one that is emotionally and financially

abundant means that you have the POWER to define yourself and to make

decisions that support your needs and goals.

(Q) Women’s empowerment and how this plays in your life

(A) Women’s empowerment is about women learning about ourselves: who we

are; what we stand for; and what we care about.  It is about availing

ourselves of educational and job opportunities to create lives of our own

choosing. For me personally, women’s empowerment means having the guts to

“do me” and to address both the internal and external obstacles that are

holding me back from reaching my fullest potential.

(Q) What advice would you give to high school girls on education?

(A) I would say to keep their eyes on the prize: college.  Many promising

young women fall off track because they begin to focus more on boys than

on their books. Any young woman who wants to have a meaningful and

yes…financially comfortable life has to be readying herself to get into a

good college. This means doing the best that she can academically while

she’s in high school. It also means hanging with a crew that’s also

college-bound. These folks will be able to help with homework assignments,

keep you motivated and support you emotionally, especially during the

difficult times.

Q) Talk about what’s happening at Soulful Affluence?

Through my blog, coaching programs and speaking engagements, I’m

continuing to teach women entrepreneurs how to create the lives and

incomes that they desire.  I am also in the VERY early stages of writing

my third book. All I can say about it is that it will discuss on how

visionary women can create happiness and fulfillment in their personal and

business lives.

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